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myLittleTools announces its web based MS SQL Server companion tools.

myLittleTools announces new release of its web-based MS SQL Server companion tools.myLittleTools, the leading provider of web-based applications for MS SQL Server administration, announces myLittleAdmin v3.7 and myLittleBackup v1.7
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  Published on Jul 03, 2010

myLittleAdmin is the most popular MS SQL Server web-based administration tool. It is provided by 100s of webhosting companies in the world and is integrated with the best control panels (Parallels Plesk, DNP, HC). This new release brings several new useful features, including full support of MS SQL 2008R2.

myLittleBackup is the only commercial backup/restore solution designed for Shared SQL Server hosting. Webhosting companies that want to provide their customers an easy and secure way to backup and restore MS SQL databases use it. This release fixes a few minor bugs and offers additional configuration settings to fit webhosters needs.

Pricing keeps unchanged and existing customers can upgrade for free. For more information and pricing, visit and

About myLittleTools:
myLittleTools is a private company committed to building and providing exceptional web-based applications in the SQL Server and Collaboration areas. myLittleTools is the company behind myLittleAdmin, myLittleBackup and e-tipi.

Contact info
47bis rue du Gl de Gaulle
95880 Enghien les Bains - France
P +33 (0)1 39 64 34 30


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