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Quired Announces Upgrade to Quired Website Design and Hosting Service

Quired announced today the release of a significant upgrade to their website design and hosting service providing business owners with more control over their websites and better tools to connect with customers.
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  Published on Dec 09, 6493

Oct 06, 2009 – PHOENIX -- Quired announced today the release of a significant upgrade to their website design and hosting service providing business owners with more control over their websites and better tools to connect with customers. This newest version of the web firm's QGS software highlights the company's strong focus on providing effective Internet marketing to both local and national businesses.

Quired's unique web solution allows the website owner to:

- Establish credibility for their company online.
- Update or add web pages from their browser.
- Build a subscriber email list of followers to send weekly, bi-weekly or monthly recaps of their blog activity.
- Collect payment online for services, products or events.
- Upload and share videos, audio or photos.
- Inspire feedback from prospects, clients and staff through blog comments.
- Restrict access to page content, video, audio, photos, files or blogs to clients, prospects, staff, vendors, friends or family.
- Customize the order of menu buttons, media and files from their browser.

"We are simply following the demand of the market for user friendly websites used as communication tools," says J. Paul Duplantis, Quired's co-founder. "Savvy business owners are now demanding more control and interaction with their customers than static websites are able to offer."

In development since 2005, Quired websites offer a comprehensive yet simple web solution to help business owners establish an effective online presence.

"I can't believe the amount of businesses that still do not have a credible web presence to represent themselves," offered Quired co-founder Tim McLain. "The web is littered with websites that have poor navigation, even worse optimization, subpar graphics and content that hasn't been changed for years. Many small to medium sized businesses do not even have a unique online a time when the majority of people are getting their first impressions from the Internet, this is just not acceptable!"

With 80 percent of consumers using the web and an increasing number interacting with businesses through blogs and social media, Quired is positioning their web design and hosting firm on the cutting edge of technical innovation without sacrificing usability.

"The small business owner does not care about technical innovation," added Duplantis. "They want something they can setup and manage easily. Our priority is to get our clients online fast with little effort on their part. Once their site is live, we offer our clients easy tools for customizing their content. It's simple - they can either pay us to add and update their content or use our free tools to do it directly from their site."

Quired websites cater to those who want to:

- Create an affordable, simple, yet effective online presence.
- Promote a niche product, service or event separately from their existing website.
- Communicate procedures, ideas and processes with clients and staff.

McLain said, "Up until the recession, many small business owners relied on word of mouth and conventional forms of advertising to generate business. They are now realizing this is not enough and are looking at marketing their businesses online as a more cost effective alternative. They also see competitors using websites as a tool to communicate with their own customers and extending the conversation outside of their website to where consumers are engaging."

“We are in the middle of a major shift in how consumers discover businesses,” McLain added. “Our website solution is planted squarely in the middle of the discovery process. We couldn't be more excited."

Quired websites cost $599 to setup and $20/month to host and includes five pages of formatted content, customized background and header, unlimited page creation, unlimited blogging, media management and blog subscription.

For more information on how a Quired website will work for your business, visit or call 602-246-1684.


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